Carbon Laser Peeling

The Egyptians had the knowledge already!

Our skin is in continues contact with the outside world. The sun is the main reason for aging. That’s why we have to take special care of our skin. The Egyptians knew it all! More than 3000 years ago they managed to rejuvenate the skin with several upper skin peeling methods.  It’s said Cleopatra took baths in donkey milk, which contains lactic acid.

Our skin has a mechanism to renew damaged, worn parts for new material. This is a continues process. We can use this. A small amount of the upper skin is carefully removed to stimulate the production of new layers. The result is a smooth, fresh, tight skin without stains.

Carbon Laser Peeling conqueres The World

More and more people discover this revolutionary treatment. Direct result!


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Increase Collagen Production



Greasy Skin









Sebum Reduction



Reduce Large Pores



Wrinkle Removal


Modern Peeling Technique

One of the most modern techniques. A good alternative for chemical peelings which are often painful and risky.

We already know we’re removing a small layer of skin to stimulate production of new cells. This is how.

After a deep skin cleansing, we rub the skin with special black carbon cream. This contains carbon partikels which are the key factor in this treatment. Because of their small seize they penetrate in all pores, imperfections and holes. We fire with laser on these carbon partikels. If we would to this without carbon, nothing would happen. The carbon partikels convert laser energie to heat and evaporate instantly. During this destruction, old skin layers and impurities also disappear.  The reach of Carbon Laser Peeling is much deeper than a regular peeling. Astoundingly result after only one treatment!

For optimal result we advise 6 to 9 sessions within one year. After that 3 to 4 treatments a year. Keep 4 tot 6 weeks between treatments. Carbon Laser Peeling is also suitable for the sensitive skin.


Does it hurt?
No. But you will hear a tik sound from the carbon particle exploding.
Will my skin be burned?
No.Absolutely not.
Will pimples dissapear right away?
No. Unfortunately not. This treatment doesn’t remove pimples, but your skin will look much better right after treatment. It also feels softer and tighter.