Hair removal


Super Hair Removal

A technology for permanent hair removal which is having a sweeping succes.
The system combines laser technology and the benefits of the pulsating light method achieving practically painless results. Even hairs which until now have been difficult or even impossible to be removed, can now be treated. “In Motion” represents a breakthrough in permanent hair removal with light technology. The treatment is more pleasant than with the conventional systems and your skin is better protected.

Why do i need more treatments?

Hair grows from deep within hair follicles, which are thin cavities embedded in the dermis. Hair does not grow continuously, but grows in a three-phase cycle. The anagen, catagen, and telogen phase. Hair follicles that are in the anagen, or active growth phase, have the largest amount of melanin, or pigment, and can absorb light energy from the treatment head. Only 30% of the follikels are in the anagen or active growth fase. This is why you need more treadments to hit all of them in this phase.

The hair follicles that are in catagen or telogen growth phases are less pigmented. Therefore, these follicles do not absorb light energy as well and hair growth is not impaired.

The energy, or heat, from the treatment head damages the hair follicle, which impairs its ability to grow hair. With time, the hairs that were present in the damaged follicles will fall out, resulting in a smoother appearance and less hair growth.



Upper lip €12,-
Chin €12,-
Face €30,-
Bikini €30,-
Pubic region €40,-
Lower legs till knee €55,-
Upper legs €60,-
Legs complete €110,-
Armpits €20,-
Fore arms €35,-
Upper arms €40,-
Abdomen €30,-

Packagedeal 1

Lower legs
Upper legs
Pubic region

Packagedeal 2

Lower arms
Upper arms

Packagedeal 3

Pubic region

Packagedeal 4

Lower legs


Cheeks €25,-
Collar €25,-
Neck €25,-
Upper back €75,-
Lower back €50,-
Shoulders €50,-
Belly €50,-
Chest €50,-
Hands €25,-
Feet €25,-
Upper arms €45,-
Lower arms €40,-

Packagedeal 1

Upper back
Lower back
Upper arms

Packagedeal 2

Fore arms
Upper arms


IPL – Super Hair Removal

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