Nd:Yag Laser

Tattoo Removal

With our Nd:YAG Laser

A YAG laser generates  1064 nm en  532 nm wavelengths.

 1064 nm is ideal to remove black and dark pigments. Black is the most used colour, so this is the most used wavelenght.

 532 nm is effective on red and other warm colours like violet, orange, yellow and brown. With our  Nd:YAG laser it’s possible to treat 90 – 95% of all tattoo’s, because red and black are the most used colours. 

The Nd:YAG laser is safe on all skin types.

How it works

Every puls coming from the laser shoots energie in the skin. (We use different wavelengths laser for different colours in the tattoo.).

The ink particles in the skin absorb the energie and will be destroyed.(At this moment the particles are still in the skin).

The immune system will take care of the broken ink particles. The tattoo will become fainter after each treatment, because it breaks down some ink particles every time.

Please, send one or more pictures through email or Whatsapp for a quotation.


How many treatments do i need?

That’s difficult to answer. Every body reacts differently. Each tattoo is different.

It’s sometimes said: Removing a tattoo is 10 times more expensive than getting one.

Does it hurt?

It’s certainly not painless, but it’s ok.

We use a cold compress to reduce the pain.

Another option is to get Emla. It is used to numb the skin.

Do i get a scar?

A lot of people don’t know that during placement of a tattoo there is allready scar tissue. This will not dissapear.
By using a YAG laser the right way, with proper after treatment, is it not likely to get more scar tissue.

Are there side effects?

Risk of burns, scars, redness, swelling, and discoloration are possible side effects of any laser treatment; however, these risks are extremely low with an Nd:Yag Laser. The Lumenis Yag Laser is even safe for use on patients with tanned skin or ethnic skin, which is typically more susceptible to burns than light skin or fair skin.

To avoid laser treatment side effects, ensure your laser treatment is performed by a physician who has significant experience with laser procedures and a variety of laser devices.

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