For quality and reasonable prices


Smart Purchase

Commodities are bought as cheap as possible. We purchase our machines directly from factory.

Personnel Costs

BYE BYE HAIR doesn’t employ staff. Diana does all treatments.

Practice at Home

BYE BYE HAIR isn’t situated in a commercial building. It is a practice at home with a spacious treatment room.

Multi Functional

We do a lot of things ourselves. Building our websites and do all maintenance of equipment are some of them.

Nowadays many people know our excellent value for money

Nice Treatment Rooms

With enough privacy.

Know How

Experience! We’ve treated hundreds of customers.

Up to date Technologie

Wij keep a close eye on trends en developments in the business.

Our machines are in great shape

We take good care of our workhorses.

Still Not Convinced?

In that case, we’re happy to invite you for an intake. No strings attached. Just meet, feel, greet, ask questions and get answers. Make an appointment right now!


Tel:    070 – 744 8332

Whatsapp:  06 – 29 49 02 39


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